Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Post man has been

the postman has just been and it looks like I have 3 birthday cards for tomorrow......yippee.

Not noticed the kids sneak up to the craft room yet, I guess I should go leave out some die-cuts, stamps, ink and card-blanks for them....just in case.

I now have to figure out how to get this little-tikes doll house into my car.......my friends daughter is 3 today and Mawgan has decided to give her the house and dolls. Should keep her busy for hours.

My friend Jane kindly cooked me a chinese on saturday, my birthday dinner.......she even bought a little forever friends cake.....awww. She was kind enough to only put 1 candle on it, although I don't think the correct amount would cause a fire...lol.
I made her a little "Thank you" card, which I shall display when I've uploaded it from my camera.

Back soon

Buffy x


Lesley said...

Happy birthday wishes hope you have a great day best wishes Lesley x

Heather Jensen said...

How sweet. Happy Birthday. :)

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