Monday, 15 July 2013

Cycle, Cache and crawl

Hello my dears

Hubby and I have had a lovely (HOT) weekend in Scarborough.

We jumped on our bikes saturday and followed the old Cinder Track (Scarborough to Whitby railway line - disused). We stopped for lunch at Ravenscar
 Otherwise known as "The town that never was", all the roads are in place but few to no houses were ever built. Graham is sat on the bench near the tree and our bikes are lent against.
I can highly reccommend the food and service at the tea-room. And the view is gorgeous.

After lunch we carried on up the old line to find a cache (yes, we're geo-cachers). Here we see my dear husband checking the GPS on his phone to see if we were in the right place.
When we realised the steepness of the slope to reach the cache Graham volunteered to go down to it. My night in shining armour, signed the log while being eaten by bugs.

We then turned around and went in search of another one close by,
which we found after 10 mins of searching. Signed the log then had quite a wait before we could replace it as lots of people showed up.......

We found one more cache after, which contained some amazing old photo's. On the back of the photo's was a Kodak stamp and date of 1960, we think the ladies in the pics were in Austria at the time they were taken but we can't be sure. Wish I'd taken photo's of this cache.
On sunday we walked about 10miles around Scarborough, stopping for a quick bite in north bay. Then grabbed our 4th cache of the weekend.

22mile cycle ride
10mile walk
4 Caches
Bloomin good going I recon

Back home now and will be collecting Mawgan from school at mid-night, when she gets back from France.
So a wonderful weekend had by all.

Hugs to all
Buffy x
just what Graham and I needed :-) 

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