A little page of family
They grow up so quick, before you know it they are going to college or university or getting their first flat (apartment) or getting married.
So this is my memory page, which I intend to update as time goes by

Up in the Highlands, way back in 1997, Anne happily posing for the camera whilst Anthony does drawings.

Anne's soon to be husband has affectionately called this "Miss July"

The weather was always brilliant when we went up to Scotland, strange but true.

Sterling Castle 1997
(Anne and Anth)
so cute......once

Now lets do a bit of time-travel and jump to 2003 and see if antything has changed

Oh, new addition
(Anne, Anth & Mawgy)
Same cannon, same castle, but several years later. It's so nice to know some things never change.
Maybe one day I'll have another photo of this same spot but with my grandchildren sitting there.

Now we're going to slip back through the timewarp

A 4yr old Anthony smiling for the camera at the base of Plodda Falls.
What fabulous times we had. Wild deer everywhere, beautiful scenery and glorious weather (yes in the highlands)

And up until 2009, you couldn't get a mobile signal for love nor money.....Sheer Bliss!!!

Now we zoom to 2008 and Weymouth.
Yes, that long haired lanky thing is the little boy from the above piccie.
It was lovely that they agreed to pose together, one of those rare, must take photo occassions.

Now we jump to 2012 and another very rare photo moment

 Anne and Connor at the BTCC at Donnington Park
Yes, that posing little girl now hides from cameras.

Now here is a very rare occurrence, all the Glasse ladies in frocks

We were bridesmaids at my friend Jane's wedding (May 2007). Fairly certain this was the last and only time we have all been frocked up together. Well, maybe we'll do it again at Anne's wedding.

Now back to 1990
This tiny bundle of love is Anne.
She weighed 1lb 13oz when she was born. She is 4 wks old in this photo. I will never forget that day. All the fear of what the future held for her. But she has grown into a beautiful, intelligent young woman with a passion for life and a determination twice the size of herself.

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