Friday, 26 August 2011

Cards and Chemistry

Another day at the chemical plant. I have to say I felt slightly lost today?! The chap who was "training" me, succeeded in confusing me. I would prep my samples and when I turned around, they had vanished. This meant I got in a bit of a muddle over whether I had made up the samples or not.
It may seem crazy, but I get a little bit OCD when it comes to my work. Partly because of a terrible incident at uni that resulted in two days worth of experiment being ruined because someone interfered with my glass wear and my experiment got contaminated. Two days of hard graft and great patience, ruined!!!!
Oh well, live and learn as they say, I'm sure tomorrow will be better

Anyway, what we need here is a nice card, so here you go and I hope you like it:

The sentiment is adorable:

"Best friends are like old quilts,
warm & valuable"

On this card I used;-

Paper - Nitwits paper (free from a mag)
Gold mirror card
Lace- just a tiny piece
White gel pen (for faux stitching)

Although the Nitwits paper had faux stitching, it was quite difficult to see, so just a little enhancement to make it pop.

Night night
Buffy xx

1 comment:

Lesley said...

gorgeous card and glad you have a new job closer to home best wishes Lesley x

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