Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Busy day

Morning all

Firstly, a big HELLO to my newest followers, I hope you enjoy it here. And maybe find an new idea or two.

I am presently experimenting with lots of new techniques and hopefully I'll soon have lots to share.

Off to Chesterfield very soon, before lunchtime. So I am taking my camera.
I've been having a few problems with it lately but maybe it is just fed up of photograghing

Then back home to walk our borrowed dog...Lilo.....Anne (eldest) and Connor (her better-half lol) are off to Bloodstock.
For those old enough to remember it's basically Monsters of Rock. (Since they killed Monster of Rock, several years ago, by adding Pop music)

Here is a little piccie I took the other day that I hope brings you cheer,

and which will soon be my latest card topper. Photography really can have it's uses..... ;)

See you later

Buffy x


Debgem said...

Wonderful photo Buffy - looking forward to seeing what eles you've got to share!

Heather Jensen said...

What beautiful flowers. :)

Susie said...

Love this photo! I enjoy taking pics of my flowers too.

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