Sunday, 23 November 2014

Cold Comfort

Hope everyone is well.

I have had a rotten cold for the past few days.
 It must have been quite bad as my boss told me to go home (in slightly more colourful language) LOL
But more seriously I hope none of you get this, it is very unpleasant. I highly recommend purchasing some Lemsips or Cold/Flu Capsules.

I had made a birthday card for one of Mawgan's friends but I forgot to take a photo.
But I do Have an arty photo to share with you all
Well, alright it's more trainy than arty. Not often you get to see floatting trains though. This was taken at our local depots open day back in September.

Good health to you all
Best wishes
Buffy xx

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Caching Knight

Had a lovely day with my hero.
Yes, I said my hero. My darling hubby is my knight in shining armour (well jeans and jumper anyway), he risked his neck to retrieve a geocache after I was unable to pull myself up to.
 The soft-focus effect was purely a fluke. I slid about a bit because the ground was a bit muddy.
This cache was the highest terrain difficulty we have done to date.
We have now cleared a hundred finds. We're hoping we can make a complete calender month of finds in the new year.

Well back to hooking ;-)
Buffy xx

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Quick update of october madness

Hard to believe it is already November but October has been an interesting time!

First Mawgy DJ's her autumn ball ("Eye Ball").
I started making xmas pressies, just some small crochet broaches.
Then came the Halloween costume.....Alice Return to Madness....Mawgans chosen horror game!

Unfortunately I forgot the blood but fairs fair, I was up till the wee small hours nipping and tweeking the length and hand-drawing the warped symbols. The horseshoe pendent was another labour of love.
But the whole dark make-up was the real triumph, I stered at the game-box for ages so I could get it just right.
 I did get a huge hug when she woke up and saw her Halloween costume hanging on the living-room door. 

She had a fabulous night of trick-or-treating with friend, whilst I (dressed in my she devil costume) enjoyed seeing and giving treats to all the little monster/Ghouls/Witches and Ghosts. I even got a visit from a couple of tiny pumpkins....sooooo cute!!!
Before anyone asks there is no photo of me in my costume :-p

Back soon
Buffy xx

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