Monday, 9 September 2013

Busy little Geo Bees

Hello all,

Well, actually we did absolutely nothing on Saturday.
But we did partly make up for it Sunday when we went geocaching.

Our first find of the day took us through dense jungle...LOL!
OK, OK maybe just an overgrown nettley footpath, but I was thankful to have worn trackies instead of leggings. Bloomin nettles & thistles.
Spotted these cute tiny toadstools tucked inside a rotting tree trunk.
Seconds after taking this we found "Side Stream"

One cahe found, 2 to go.

After a fairly good search and then being invaded by non-cachers, we had to move on to our third choice cache of the day. So following a nice walk through Darley Park and a lovely ice-cream on route (well it has to be done doesn't it) we searched  for quite some time but to no avail.
Think we may need to consider investing in a hand-held GPS, as our phones GPS just isn't strong enough under tree cover.
So back we went to our 2nd choice by the weir.
Very nice place for a cache, although a little daunting.
After my Lara Croft impression along the small ledge to where the GPS was pointing, I had to give in and allow my knight in jeans and cap to take up the challenge.
Whilst my knight grabbed the cache another couple showed up. Turned out they were also Geo-cachers.
So we chatted for a bit and all signed the log.

Here is my knight, risking a soaking to retreive the cache:

My brave hubby xx

S o 2 out of 3 is pretty good going.
Now that I have bored you all to pieces, I'm going to go curl up in bed.

Buffy xx
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