Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Crafty little peep

I know I've kept you all waiting, sorry.
But here is another sneak peek at some of my xmas batch
Cheeky little chappy smiling at you

Yes, I know it's not long till xmas now, but I can't give too much away just yet now can I :-)

We went to my company xmas party the other week and it was amazing!
It was at the Derby Roundhouse (part of Derby college), a preserved railway turntable in the old carriage works. There were acrobats and stilt-walkers. Mid-dinner there was a fabulous show. After dinner there were dodgems and a funfair/casino.

Back soon
Buffy xx

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Xmas, Happyings and Spitfires

Hello my dears

I have been crafting and photographing.
My xmas cards are finally coming along quite nicely. I have gone for an unusual colour pallet this year - Smokey Slate, Riding Hood Red, Basic grey and Cream. I based my colour choice on some wonderful ribbon I found at our local haberdashers.

And here is a little teaser:

Ooh.........now what could this be leading too?!?

Do you remember my lovely "HAPPYINGS" jar? http://buffysplace-buffy.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/nothing-like-card-just-happyings.html
Well I complete forgot to share my updated jar design with you.......DOH!
So here it is -

A very happy "Happyings" jar
I have to say I am quite looking forward to sharing some of my Happying with you all. It's quite full

Graham and I were out on one of our geocaching adventures around EM Airport when we heard a rather strange noise. After a few minutes we realised what it was......a magnificent spitfire.
Rolls Royce store one of the last surviving Spitfires right on their doorstep. We were just fortunate enough to be stood close to the airport fence when it came out onto the runway. It was coming in to land as I caught this photo.

What else have I been up to??

How about this little fellow
Kindly modelled by my loving hubby
I crocheted this tiny cheeky chap purely to see how small I could manage. Using a 1.25mm hook and fine mercerised crochet thread. My minnion (micro minnion) stands 2cm tall. I plan to convert him into a badge.

Well, I shall be back soon with another xmas card sneak peak and more crochet madness

Buffy x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Goodness....time flies


I can't believe we are already in November......where has it all gone???

OK, if I'm honest I have hardly sat still for the last few months..don't get me wrong I LOVE CHOAS, busy is best in my book.
So a quick review....

Graham and I cahed our hearts out close to home mid-september

Went racing at Donington Park,750's were brilliant. Shame someone was giving attitude...LOL

At the end of September

Found this fabulous photo opportunity whilst geo-caching in Cromford.

It took a couple of shots to get the exposure and appeture just right.
Needless to say I'm quite pleased with this one.

A couple of weeks later, we returned to the peaks to find a few more geo-caches. Graham snuck in a quick shot of me signing the log-book of Arkwright Country at sheeps pasture.
The view from this cache is wonderful, I could have sat there for hours.

See, cache with a view.

It's views like this that make scrambling about in weed-covered fields searching for small tupperware boxes worth the effort

Now I know we don't celebrate Halloween the way america/canada do, BUT, our local dairy ice-cream farm is famous for producing unique ice-creams.
To bring the taste of Halloween to dessert.....they have created this gorgeous Pumpkin Pie ice-cream.

 And  YES  it is to die for!!!!!!!!!!! I have a litre in the freezer.......yum!

There has been more caching and racing but now for the real business
My xmas box card 
I've entered this in the papertake weekly challenge "anything goes"

Buffy x

Monday, 9 September 2013

Busy little Geo Bees

Hello all,

Well, actually we did absolutely nothing on Saturday.
But we did partly make up for it Sunday when we went geocaching.

Our first find of the day took us through dense jungle...LOL!
OK, OK maybe just an overgrown nettley footpath, but I was thankful to have worn trackies instead of leggings. Bloomin nettles & thistles.
Spotted these cute tiny toadstools tucked inside a rotting tree trunk.
Seconds after taking this we found "Side Stream"

One cahe found, 2 to go.

After a fairly good search and then being invaded by non-cachers, we had to move on to our third choice cache of the day. So following a nice walk through Darley Park and a lovely ice-cream on route (well it has to be done doesn't it) we searched  for quite some time but to no avail.
Think we may need to consider investing in a hand-held GPS, as our phones GPS just isn't strong enough under tree cover.
So back we went to our 2nd choice by the weir.
Very nice place for a cache, although a little daunting.
After my Lara Croft impression along the small ledge to where the GPS was pointing, I had to give in and allow my knight in jeans and cap to take up the challenge.
Whilst my knight grabbed the cache another couple showed up. Turned out they were also Geo-cachers.
So we chatted for a bit and all signed the log.

Here is my knight, risking a soaking to retreive the cache:

My brave hubby xx

S o 2 out of 3 is pretty good going.
Now that I have bored you all to pieces, I'm going to go curl up in bed.

Buffy xx

Friday, 23 August 2013

Where's August gone

Can it really be the end of August in just a few short days???
Goodness, where has this year gone?

Well it's been a rather good year when alls said and done.
Graham and I have been finding quality time together.

Mawgan kindly took this photo of us together whilst we watched the truck racing.. We don't actually have many of the two of us together. Something we are definitely going to have to change.

 It is almost liberating to get to spend time doing activities we can enjoy together. This is one of the many micro/nano geo-caches around Derby. We will soon be releasing our own travel bug out into the big world. (Travel bug - a small trackable item, similar to a dogtag, that is placed in a cache and is collected and relocated by another geo-cacher)

Anne and Connor celebrated their first wedding anniversary the other day.

 So nice to see them still agruing over pokemon/digimon......
Only joking, it's transformers now ;-)

Mawgan has finished her first year at senior school and been to France with school. She seemed to fit in very well.
She appeared on stage with the Drifters (right side of photo at the front of the group right by the mic).

Now all I need to do is make a start on my xmas cards............

Buffy xx

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Birthday weekend

Hello all,

I have had an amazing weekend.
Starting with friday:

Graham and I booked friday off and went cycling around Carsington. The weather was perfect

We also managed to find eight of the ten caches hidden around Carsington. I call that a very successful day.
Here is a photo I took whislt caching. I used photoshop to give it an oil-painting effect. 
My wonderful hubby oiled up....... lol

On Saturday we went to town and just relaxed. When we got home Mawgan gave me my present from her, a lovely new Eeyore mug. Then Graham gave me my present from him, a nice new camera lens

So of course when we went to Donington for the Truck racing I just had to try it out.

Even lorry drivers like to do a little rubbing now and then. I think it's a great little lens.
But Mawgan had a go too:-
and took this piccie of Gray and I. Which is absolutely wonderful, as we don't have many photos of us together.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to my dear friend Debs for the lovely birthday card.

Hope all of you are well and happy
Big Huggles
Buffy xx

Monday, 15 July 2013

Cycle, Cache and crawl

Hello my dears

Hubby and I have had a lovely (HOT) weekend in Scarborough.

We jumped on our bikes saturday and followed the old Cinder Track (Scarborough to Whitby railway line - disused). We stopped for lunch at Ravenscar
 Otherwise known as "The town that never was", all the roads are in place but few to no houses were ever built. Graham is sat on the bench near the tree and our bikes are lent against.
I can highly reccommend the food and service at the tea-room. And the view is gorgeous.

After lunch we carried on up the old line to find a cache (yes, we're geo-cachers). Here we see my dear husband checking the GPS on his phone to see if we were in the right place.
When we realised the steepness of the slope to reach the cache Graham volunteered to go down to it. My night in shining armour, signed the log while being eaten by bugs.

We then turned around and went in search of another one close by,
which we found after 10 mins of searching. Signed the log then had quite a wait before we could replace it as lots of people showed up.......

We found one more cache after, which contained some amazing old photo's. On the back of the photo's was a Kodak stamp and date of 1960, we think the ladies in the pics were in Austria at the time they were taken but we can't be sure. Wish I'd taken photo's of this cache.
On sunday we walked about 10miles around Scarborough, stopping for a quick bite in north bay. Then grabbed our 4th cache of the weekend.

22mile cycle ride
10mile walk
4 Caches
Bloomin good going I recon

Back home now and will be collecting Mawgan from school at mid-night, when she gets back from France.
So a wonderful weekend had by all.

Hugs to all
Buffy x
just what Graham and I needed :-) 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

New Job

What a wonderful week.

I started my new job on monday and it has been great. So far everyone I've met has been warm and friendly.
It is a little strange not having to race for a computer...lol.
There is a lot to take in as it is rather different to my last two positions, but you know me I love a challenge.

Something I'd like to share with you all

I have a few photo's that need uploading so will be back real soon.
Just off to do a bit of Geocaching with the hubby :)

Buffy xx

Monday, 3 June 2013

21 years

Good morning Ladies and Gents,

It's hard to believe but in just over 2 weeks Graham and I will have been married for 21 years.

I suppose in some ways it's a modern miracle.

Especially with the press/media constantly telling us we shouldn't be happy unless we're millionaires or have a sports car or a big house or designer labels and that if we aren't famous we're nothing.
It's all sort of sad really isn't it.
People can no longer see the good in their lives.

So here is some of the good in my life;-

Here is our youngest (Mawgan), sitting on the bank of Carsington Reservoir, on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.
Mawgy also insisted I enter the Severn Trent photography contest, so I have. You can view my entries on my flickr page
 Bufpuf2009 (Water through hedgerow, Family swim and Walk around carsington)


We went to the Drifters Diamond anniversary tour gig on Friday. 
It was awesome. Graham and I haven't had a proper night out in over a decade.
The only problem was the scary amounts of HRT in the great hall...  :-)

Mawgan and her school friends were selected to represent Derby  and preform on stage with the Drifters (each city picks a school and at the end of the tour, the school that preformed best get to record with the Drifters) isn't that nice!  They all enjoyed themselves which is the important part.

I am cycling almost every day since I quit smoking.
I haven't had a fag in 10 months!

I have learnt (still mastering) how to accept a compliment. 
I occasionally goof, but it's a learning curve.

VENTING TIME  -  if you don't mind

Society is being dumbed down and told their lives suck....well...


I've been married 21yrs,we've been together 25yrs, with all it's up and downs, I don't have a flash car, big house or millions of pounds and you can shove being famous straight up your jaxy. 
What I do have is a husband I love, three fabulous children and true friends, and nothing can be greater than these gifts.

To the television directors:
Stop being so bloody lazy and actually make some programmes, real programmes not reality crap. If we want reality we'll watch Springwatch (it has purpose and value). 
Stop putting self absorbed morons on our television, we don't need to know when some trollop has had her bikini line waxed or who's shagging who.
What makes this whole situation worse...some of us have deliberately do not watch this tripe, but we have to listen to stupid conversations (public transport, waiting in cues) by uneducated youngsters, who believe this idiocracy! 
BUT, the fact that you shove this filth in the face of young children......
Give us programmes that make us think, make us want to explore the world or even just our local woods. Give us more educational programmes, the traditional craft...joinery, crochet, sewing, gardening, painting, the sort of programmes that inspire not ones that cause brain-death. How about getting Wigan to do a cycle britain series? where he takes small groups out in there local area/county, to explore? Now that wasn't hard to think up was it. Took me all of two seconds...hell I can even write a script for it off the top of my head.
So why can't you???????

Venting over   :-)

Hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having.....and could I just recommend GEOCACHING....it is a fabulous way of getting out and about to new places. But also discovering places near you you didn't realise were there, follow the link for more info

Speak to you all soon
Buffy x
I have a new job starting on the 10th June.... yippee

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

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