Sunday, 18 September 2011

Jet engine in the bedroom

Hello all insomniacs and fellow snore
It is 03:29 and there is a jet engine grumbling in my bedroom, although it's pretty clear down here in the dining room it is at least slightly muffled.
I would like to apologise for the moan the other day. Some days I wonder how we have stayed together so long, maybe I'm just to dumb.
Sorry I have no knew cards to share with you at the moment, I have been trying to get my bedroom decorated, my son has done his best to help me but he's not really a diy sort of lad.
Think I am just about reaching collapse stage, so I'll have another go at getting some sleep

Friday, 16 September 2011

Days off No husband

Why is it, when you finally get time-off from work you don't get any time to spend with your husband?
I had booked a table for dinner tonight to celebrate Graham finally getting out of that awful company and starting in his new job, because he said he wasn't having a leaving do. But I had to cancel the booking because he changed his mind.
I guess it was very stupid of me to think he wouldn't prefer to hang out with that mob.
Let's face it...I've spent years trying my very best to make each member of my household feel special whenever they have acheived something or on their birthdays, knowing full well that I would be seriously lucky to get even a birthday card but I still make the effort.
Did you know some husbands still take their wives out on dates?.........It's true, one of Graham's workmates takes his wife out to dinner and the cinema....seriously....every couple of months he takes her out. Lucky cow.
I will in total get one whole day with my husband on the four days I have off, why 1 I hear you ask, simple, you have to discount saturday and sunday morning because he doesn't believe in getting up till midday.
Now I know my dear friend didn't get to see her husband for several months, but I know he showered her in love and spent tons of time with her when he got back.
He wonders why I get a little upset when he has a go because I get miserable when he goes out, but if he stood back and looked at the bigger picture then maybe he could see that he puts more effort and priortiy on his workmates than he does us.

Sorry to be so down, I'm off my moan-box now.

Buffy xx

Monday, 12 September 2011

Paper Anemone

One little thing to share with you all today

You may have noticed in my last post that I had used some Lace Doily spellbinder dies, this lovely anemone was also part of the set.
I haven't tried the daisy one yet, but will be back soon to share it with you when I've done it.

(My daughter Mawgan, kindly volunteered her hands for this shot)

Buffy x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Very Busy

Hello all,
what a week! Only three more shifts to go then I get 4 days off..........Then craft-away for an entire day.....Yippee.
I do have one to share with you, I created it for my best friends daughter.

Stamp - LOTV Fairy Bouquet
Spellbinder - Lace Doily accents
Harlequin ribbon - Pink and Purple
Happy Birthday peel-off
Ink - Mementos, Lulu lavender, Rose bud
Backing paper - Light pink fabric with gold glitter
Glitter - Chameleon

I hope you enjoy my creation

 Buffy x
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