Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Summer colours

 What interesting weather we've been having.

So it's wonderful that Fab'n'Funky challenges wants everyone to think

"Summer Colours"

Bright cheerful colouring.

So here is my summery offering.

I used a L.O.T.V stamp - sunflowers, a Spellbinder border die, Tattered lace flower die, and the yellow/orange cardstock from my stash.

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Hugs & Happy thoughts

Buffy xx

Wednesday, 8 June 2022


 What a wonderful long weekend  filled with celebration.

 Which leads me nicely to the new challenge over at Fab'n'Funky challenges....

This time we want...........


Share with us your celebrations, be it birthday, christenings or like me anniversary.

Somehow my husband and I have reached our 30th wedding anniversary

(no we don't know how either 😜)

And naturally you have to have a celebration for!

According to the wedding anniversary chart 30th is pearl and the colour green, and of course being a little bit of a traditionalist I incorporated them into my invites.

I used pearl white pearlesant card for the numbers and flower (unfortunately the camera didn't pick it up), green on green for the main card and a lovely floral paper from deep in my stash.

If I remember, I will make a tiny video so the gorgeous pearlesant card can be seen in all it's glory, the sheen is magical.

Nearly finished another dress for my granddaughter, so will share that with you soon.

Ankle is on the mend so back to geocaching soon to.

Enjoy our new challenge and don't forget to leave our lovely DT's some love.

Hugs & Happy thoughts

Buffy xx

Sunday, 22 May 2022


 It has been a few mildly miserable weeks. I haven't been able to get down to my craft workshop thanks to this.....

Yes I managed to fracture my ankle when I fell out my back door..........

So it has been wonderful to finally get down to my crafty place and get making.

First make..............

A little summer dress for my granddaughter. 

I found the gorgous daisy print light-weight denim when I was at the Quilt & Stitch village (literally a few days before I fell) and I knew it would be prfect for her.

The bodice I created from a dungaree pattern I had (with a few minor adjustments). I fudged a little pocket design and added bright snaps (that just happened to be the same colour as the yellow fabric).

Of course she couldn't have a sun-dress without a hat sooo.......

I really need to iron out that crease.........

I picked up a few other fabrics whilst I was at the Quilt&Stitch village so depending on how this fits her, I will probably have more cute frocks to share shortly.

Off to put my foot up for a bit.

Hugs & Happy Thoughts

Buffy xx

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Friday, 29 April 2022

Quilting Crazy

 As I mentioned in my last post I took the plunge and entered my very first quilt into the Quilt & Stitch village competion.

My friends and I have been going for a few years now but none of us even dreamt of having a go.

But, I decided to make a pact with my friend Dawn, if she made a quilt I would to. 

I honestly thought neither of us would actually go ahead and enter, so when Dawn told me she was entering the traditional quilt catergory (with a Dresden quilt) I nearly fell off my chair.

I'm not the sort to back out of a challege, so it was head down and sketchpad out. Then I remembered I had never made a quilt before and went in search of a few "How to quilt" videos on youtube.

After a lot of swearing, crying, screaming and a few disasters, I fianlly had my quilt completed.

And here it is

 I called it "Dreaming of Japan", I went for the contemporary catergory

we went to Japan a few years ago and we really wanted to go back, but alas the borders got closed, like most places. 

So we are still dreaming.

(this photo was a little blurry so took another when I got it back home)

As I said earlier my friend Dawn also entered, she made a traditional catergory quilt, she called it "Dresden Sunburst"

I really think she did an amazing job. It's so jolly but also has a calmness to it. Anyway I think it's great and she is very proud.

Here are a few more quilt from the show that I really liked (unfortunately I forgot to make a note of all the names) :



Double Fibonacci by Eleanor Marsden

(I wish I could have taken this home, it satisfied the math/science part of my brain as well as the crafting side)


This quilt was called "Farewell Montreal" and was a group quilt put together by  Linda Forey. Each Maple leaf square was created by a different member of the group and given to her when she moved to Britain. (group quilt catergory)

But it is this quilt however that took my breath away

It is made up of tiny squares (about 0.5in) for the main picture, then Sashiko either side. I have searched the shows programme to try and work out the name of this peice and it's creators name but alas I am at an impass.

Just to give a closer look at the fine work that went into this.


This quilt was one from the themed catergory "Bring Literature to Life"

Lord of the flies by Marion Ridsdill

I especially like the little touch of dding a pair of damaged glasses to it.



This quilt was quite fascinating as it was very dimensional

(again I forgot the names)





Dawn and I were really proud of ourselves for taking the plunge and entering the competion, we may not have won rosettes but there is always next time 😉

Back soon with more sharing

Hugs & Happy thoughts

Buffy xx

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