Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Sunshine at Fab'n'Funky #522


So this week over at Fab'n'Funky we are looking for

Sunshine Colours

I had great fun using stencils for this creation. (Stencil I forgot I had πŸ™ˆ)

So I started with the lightest colours 

I bought these a little while ago and I am really enjoying using them, "finger ink blending brushes", I find they are much smoother than the foam finger blenders and they don't breakup like foam does.

And of course I label them after use, who wants to cross-contaminate their blenders πŸ˜‰

For the narrow branches I used a good old fashioned cotton buds

 Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

The finishing ribbon was simply put on using double-sided tape.
Just slowly worked my way round the corners, folding them at 90degrees to produce a neat 45 degree angle.

Please leave the lovely design team some love and go have some fun.

Hugs & Happy thoughts
Buffy xx

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Fab challenge

Hello my lovelies, I hope you have had a GREAT week and you are ready for some more sharing.

So here is Fab'n'Funky's challenge offering

Our challenge this week is 


optional-change it up
this weeks theme is all about new, so babies, homes, jobs, etc. 
(Optional extra - try one colour scheme but for both 1 male & 1 female version.) 

I decided to colour-in my chosen stamp with the same colours, I then based all the backing papers and accessories on those colours.
So the Prams are coloured in using ProMarker colours March Hare, Tawny Owl & Olive green, with slate on the tyres. The backing papers were from the same collection (can't remember the name πŸ˜”) with a muted colour palette. 
I also used a woodgrain textured paper, minimising its use on the feminine version. 

Stamps - WMS sentiments & FtLoS New arrival
Ink (sentiments) - SU Olive green
Corner punch
Wooden gems 

 All our lovely DT always appreciate a visit - HERE

Hugs & Happy thoughts

Buffy xx

Friday, 26 March 2021

From My Design Table - DnD Dice bag

For my youngest daughters birthday I decided to make her a new Dice Bag.....yes a dice bag!

She's into DnD and has a few different dice sets. But let me share the story of how the bag came to be.

 It starts with an idea - you have no idea if you can pull it off or how to start or if it will work, BUT you carry on and have a go and that's what really counts, having a go. First comes a tatty looking sketch of what you want to make.

This is how everything I have ever shared with you always starts, and yes sometimes even I can't make sense of my scratty little sketches πŸ˜‚
My pattern making is quite hit or miss, and a project can change several times as it goes.

I also don't own all the fancy dressmaking tools some people may have, so normal household object get drafted in as sewing tools - in this case it a an old record we inherited that was badly scratched and unplayable (yes, we still own a record-player). 
So we have an inner/outer main base plus the bottom support. Maths time, divide 360 by 7?!? no by 8 to give pocket positions. I hope I'm not underestimating how many sets of dice she has.....especially as there are two sets sitting here on my desk (they were on her wish-list from an Etsy company called Luffleberry
Pockets - I originally considered just flat ones but as I looked at the dice sets I realised depth was a must. The angles meant figuring out a shape that would hold the sets comfortably (easily get the dice in and out when required). BUT, I want each pocket to have embroidery on it, so I had to trace the pattern that I came up with onto the fabric so I could position it in my embroidery hoop.
The other two pockets were still being embroidered at this point. 
A little press with the iron before top-stitching and attached to the base
To finish the inner base I created a base circle from the outer fabric to add a little contrast. I then quilted the outer fabric.
As I was sew I kept looking over at the inner section, it occurred to me that it looked a bit like a lily-pad, so there was only one thing for it.

It needed a little frog, it was probably also in my mind because my daughter keeps putting the most adorable YouTube clip up on the telly- it's called "Coqui song" (if you get the chance click the link  and go take a peek, it's so cute)

So it was then just sewing the inner and outer together, and adding the drawstring.
Of course I couldn't resist adding a little embroidered bee to the outside.

Well, that's it for the moment. I have to go make the hubby's birthday present now. But I'll be back soon with more sharing and some news on new Scan'n'Cut videos I've been planning to make.

Hugs & Happy Thoughts
Buffy xx
(Wild_Nanna)  πŸ˜‰

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Fab'n'Funky Flowers

 So over at Fab'n'Funky challenges we have a lovely cheery theme


Show us your flower power 

And I have two offerings to share with you.

Firstly a subtle green stepper, I have to confess it's a little bit of cheating as it is a TL die I bought a few years ago at Doncaster Crafting Live. The flowers are another TL die from my 2019 advent calendar.

This bright & bold card consists of some fabulous patterned paper I have had for over 5 yrs.
Pastel strips in one direction with bold strips woven the other way. I couldn't resist adding black flowers (TL die). This card was created with one of my friends in mind. I  know she'll like the bold colours. Not sure how she's going to feel about the 3 sheet of A4 that are the letter I included 🀣.

Please visit all our lovely DT's over at Fab'n'Funky challenges and leave them some love.

Back very soon with some crazy creations.

Hugs & Happy Thoughts
Buffy xx

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