Sunday, 17 March 2019

Failing at Life

I have always hated those blogs where people whine about their life and how it is rubbish.

But I think I'm starting to understand them.

My life isn't rubbish, in fact compared to a lot of people you could say my life is good.

If you walked in to my department at work you would see a smiling, laughing woman who would happily get up to greet you and give you a helping hand.

If you walked into my home it would be a similar picture.

Here in Blog-land, I thoroughly enjoy sharing ideas and designs and encouraging others.

Where I am most successful in my life is at the smiling part.

Not always, I can do a grumpy face when it is absolutely necessary. (When I've caught my leg on someones desk drawer for the umpteenth time because the haven't closed it properly or I asked someone to put the kettle on and they didn't bother -  Grumpy situation.)

But the truth is that recently all I want to do is cry or scream. And that's not who I am.

It feels like everything is spinning out of control. The problem is I'm not sure I explain it.

Maybe it's like sitting in a pool of stagnating water, with a head crammed with ideas and designs and thoughts. But you can't move. You desperately try but the sliminess of the water holds you in place and when you reach out for help the shadows turn and move away. Hmm maybe to dark.

Something more 2019, this might be better description, lets say it's like an annual appraisal and after:

You look around and see chaos setting in, so you explain the situation and request some changes to assist with a bit of reorganisation, but instead of assistance you only get negative feedback.
So you desperately plod on, trying different tactics and methods, hoping you can fix the problems. You occasionally ask others for a bit of help but get nowhere. So they person stops asking for help. All the time you are still slowly getting deeper into chaos. This situation persists until finally the boss fires you for unproductive work ethics.

Sorry for the whole appraisal referencing thingy, it's the next section we have to cover in my HR course.

But that's the other thing isn't it, how the hell can you become an effective HR person when you can't Win at life yourself.

We did a mental Health coffee morning at work the other month, where we all had to make a pledge, initially I pledged to smile more. Someone spotted read my pledge and said "but you are always smiling, I don't think you can smile more". Not a negative comment really, but if you are the person who is expected to smile and be happy so that everyone else feels happier. What do you do?

So I made a new pledge, "To do the things I love more" and it was at this moment ladies and gentlemen that I started to truly feel like I was failing at life. It was at this moment when every tiny thing became HUGE.

My craft room (well 3/4 of it)

I have 95% of all my crafty-stash organised in baskets/drawers/shelving but unfortunately it's not right. I know a messy craft room is not the end of the world, but it can seem like one of the tipping points.

A craft room shouldn't be perfect but it should be happy.

I have bought a magnetic whiteboard, so I wouldn't be sticking stuff to my shelves and I'd have somewhere to scribble new ideas.
I was told:
  "well there's one screw already here so you only need one more" 

 But if I put another screw in the wall at the same height I basically won't be able to reach a large portion of the board.(I'm horizontally challenged - I just clear 5ft)

I love crafting cards/sewing projects/crochet items and sharing it all with everyone.
I love helping others to feel better when they are feeling low.
I'm proud of what the company I work for does to keep people safe.
And I love my family and being there for them.

But I guess there is a small part of me that hates it all right now. And that's wrong.

How do you get the stream flowing so the pond clears?
How do you talk to people who don't want to hear?

Sorry for the miserable whinging session.
I hope the photo of my craft room has cheered some of you up, bet you're glad yours isn't that bad. Or inspired you to think big.

Hugs & Happy thoughts to you all
Buffy xx

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Butterfly Flutterby

Firstly an apology, the other week I wrote my blog and thought I had hit publish, but alas no I must have only hit save.

We are preparing for spring over at Fab'n'Funky, so what do we want to see:

(You can use one or several, but make them the focus of your project)

I used white card for the die-cut butterfly, then coloured it in using promarkers and finished it off with some ultrafine cameleon glitter.

Pop over and view the lovely examples our fabulous DT have created for your inspiration. But don't forget to share some cheering thoughts.

Back soon
Hugs & Happy thoughts
Buffy xx

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Say it with Numbers

What a very busy weekend, so many birthday cards to make, so many arrangements to shattered.

But lets get to the important business, we are having a play with numbers over at

With a Number
(yes we want to see you work those numbers)

I have had so many number cards to prepare this week.....aaaaaaarrrrgh. 30th, 40th, 25th and 50th
Who gave these people permission to do this????😂

It took be a while to decide which one I wanted to share with you, then I realised a couple of card still haven't been handed to the birthday people just yet....So
 This card is actually for my son, yes son. He loves foxes and I had this lovely stamp set from Hunkydory "For the love of stamps" collection. I like these type of stamps because it give me the opportunity to create a scene and colour it in my own unique way.
( I was quite tame this time)

Please pop over to Fab'n'Funky Challenges and leave our lovely team some positive vibes

Back soon with more sharing

Hugs & Happy thoughts
Buffy xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

For a Child

Hello and Happy New Year

New challenges? New you? New........ Well I'll let you fill the blank.

Over a Fab'n'Funky challenges we have a New just for fun challenge for you. So this week we want you to create
"For a Child" 

That's right, we are thinking about the kids, so come along and show us your creations.

Without further ado here is my little creation

A young man I know is mad about football and his team have an interesting colour pallette.
The little die-cut footballs are from my TL advent calendar 2017 (I didn't manage to find one for this year). 

Please pop over and give our lovely design team some positive vibes.

Back soon with more showing and sharing

Hugs & Happy thoughts
Buffy xx

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