Saturday, 15 June 2013

New Job

What a wonderful week.

I started my new job on monday and it has been great. So far everyone I've met has been warm and friendly.
It is a little strange not having to race for a
There is a lot to take in as it is rather different to my last two positions, but you know me I love a challenge.

Something I'd like to share with you all

I have a few photo's that need uploading so will be back real soon.
Just off to do a bit of Geocaching with the hubby :)

Buffy xx

Monday, 3 June 2013

21 years

Good morning Ladies and Gents,

It's hard to believe but in just over 2 weeks Graham and I will have been married for 21 years.

I suppose in some ways it's a modern miracle.

Especially with the press/media constantly telling us we shouldn't be happy unless we're millionaires or have a sports car or a big house or designer labels and that if we aren't famous we're nothing.
It's all sort of sad really isn't it.
People can no longer see the good in their lives.

So here is some of the good in my life;-

Here is our youngest (Mawgan), sitting on the bank of Carsington Reservoir, on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.
Mawgy also insisted I enter the Severn Trent photography contest, so I have. You can view my entries on my flickr page
 Bufpuf2009 (Water through hedgerow, Family swim and Walk around carsington)


We went to the Drifters Diamond anniversary tour gig on Friday. 
It was awesome. Graham and I haven't had a proper night out in over a decade.
The only problem was the scary amounts of HRT in the great hall...  :-)

Mawgan and her school friends were selected to represent Derby  and preform on stage with the Drifters (each city picks a school and at the end of the tour, the school that preformed best get to record with the Drifters) isn't that nice!  They all enjoyed themselves which is the important part.

I am cycling almost every day since I quit smoking.
I haven't had a fag in 10 months!

I have learnt (still mastering) how to accept a compliment. 
I occasionally goof, but it's a learning curve.

VENTING TIME  -  if you don't mind

Society is being dumbed down and told their lives suck....well...


I've been married 21yrs,we've been together 25yrs, with all it's up and downs, I don't have a flash car, big house or millions of pounds and you can shove being famous straight up your jaxy. 
What I do have is a husband I love, three fabulous children and true friends, and nothing can be greater than these gifts.

To the television directors:
Stop being so bloody lazy and actually make some programmes, real programmes not reality crap. If we want reality we'll watch Springwatch (it has purpose and value). 
Stop putting self absorbed morons on our television, we don't need to know when some trollop has had her bikini line waxed or who's shagging who.
What makes this whole situation worse...some of us have deliberately do not watch this tripe, but we have to listen to stupid conversations (public transport, waiting in cues) by uneducated youngsters, who believe this idiocracy! 
BUT, the fact that you shove this filth in the face of young children......
Give us programmes that make us think, make us want to explore the world or even just our local woods. Give us more educational programmes, the traditional craft...joinery, crochet, sewing, gardening, painting, the sort of programmes that inspire not ones that cause brain-death. How about getting Wigan to do a cycle britain series? where he takes small groups out in there local area/county, to explore? Now that wasn't hard to think up was it. Took me all of two seconds...hell I can even write a script for it off the top of my head.
So why can't you???????

Venting over   :-)

Hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having.....and could I just recommend is a fabulous way of getting out and about to new places. But also discovering places near you you didn't realise were there, follow the link for more info

Speak to you all soon
Buffy x
I have a new job starting on the 10th June.... yippee

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