Sunday, 3 September 2017

Update from Japan

So, a concert to beat all concerts.This is who we went to see
 This is a statue of Hatsune Miku.
The difference being the live Miku is in fact a computer generated vocaloid. The band were actually a live band who play next to a screen where Miku and other vocaloids appear and preform.

The Japanese are definitely passionate fans, two and a half hours of none stop raving. SERIOUSLY! Two and a half hours, they never sat down once, they didn't stop swinging there electronic glowsticks once. Even Mawgan didn't sit down. (She is suffering shoulder pain now)

There was also a Miracle Mirai Expo 2017 in the next event hall, which was fascinating. I fully understood the young girls dressed up like there favourite character (Miku is not the only vocaloid, there are another 5).
Those of you who remember Mawgan's prom outfit will be familiar with this

Mawgan getting a photo with one of the official Miku reps.

I did tell her to take her costume with her, and it is a real shame she didn't because her prom outfit is one of the special edition Miku  costumes and no one else at the expo was wearing it.

Would you believe me if I told you Miku has a racing team? No? Guess again
She has, it's a definite thing over here, there are 3 dedicated drivers.
But back to the Expo, you meet some very colourful characters. Most are warm, sincere youngsters who want to emulate their favourite character, some are downright creepy middle-aged men but then you get the ones who are just there for the shear fun of it
This very manly man was a true delight, whilst most serious male fans wouldn't dream of insulting Miku by being unshaven and makeless this fabulously funny american chap was just having fun.

Much to Mawgan's horror I insisted on taking a piccie of her with the design concept of her favourite costume, whilst holding the prom picture.

It hasn't been only the Expo and concert, oh no, there has also been,

Evening walks along the skywalk.
(a footpath built above the roads, shops and businesses for safe pedestrian travel, genius)

Geocaching, naturally.
We couldn't resist the chance to get Japan on our search history list.

Observing the local wildlife.
It's hard to tell from the photo but this butterfly was larger than my hand. The stripe on the underside might be green but at certain angles it looks more like electric blue. Truly beautiful.

And last but not least (for this update)
No one who works for the railway can possibly come to Japan and not visit the Monorail. Yes, it's an inverted monorail. It's the only one of it's kind in the world.
What is even more clever is the fact that in certain places there is a walkway above the track.
Separating people from traffic seems to be a theme here.
But more people walk and use public transport than drive. Not surprising when you think it cost £4 to get from Oakwood to Derby (3miles) on the bus and yet to cover a distance of 10 mile on a train over here only cost £1.50

It's starting to get late, so I shall leave it there for the moment.
Back soon with much more NON Miku information ;-)
Buffy xx

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