Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Day 5 adventure continues

After the Hyakushaku Kannon it was another up hill climb. But absolutely worth it.

This is Jigoku Nozoki (View of Hell) is an over hang that is very popular. The views are stunning and many people venture out to take selfies. You may notice a couple with their backs pressed up against the fence not far from the edge, well they had just snapped a selfie seconds before I took this shot. WARNING - the ground underfoot on the approach to the overhang is uneven so I wouldn't recommend attempting to reach the view point if you have any ankle, knee or hip issues.

Unfortunately it was a little hazy so we were unable to get the furthest view. But even this is a lovely view.
As we start our descent we reach our next point of interest. This is Saigoku Kannon.
These represent the Rakan, early disciples of Buddha. There are 1500 Rakan here at Mt. Nokogiri. They were carved between 1779 and 1798. You may notice several of the heads are missing, this happened when a revolt ensued. Some have been replaced.
I would love to show you more but I think it is now bedtime. Come back tomorrow for the final installment of our Mt. Nokogiri adventure.
I've saved the best for last

Buffy xx

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