Sunday, 10 September 2017

Finally of Day 5

I meant to write this up a few days ago, but unfortunately my husband started to feel ill and that took presidency over blogging.
When your are in a foreign country with minor language skills it's a little bit worrying, but he is fairing well and getting plenty of rest.
So where were we....
 Another of the Rakan carvings, this one has a beautiful pillar that is topped by a lotus-like flower. The skill and dedication of the masons who carved all of this is most admirable.
It's also lovely to have something that makes you giggle
Mawgan couldn't resist snapping a quick piccie of a sign that really doesn't apply to us, since we're vertically challenged ;-)
After quite a long walk in 28C heat and a humidity of approx 80% we reach....
Diabutsu of Nihon-ji

This is the largest statue of a Buddha in Japan. In 1969 in underwent a 4 year reconstruction to repair severe damage. If you look closely to the right-hand side you can see stone bricks & mortar. It was originally built in 1780 by Jingoro Eirei Ono and his 27 apprentices. They dedicated 3 years to it's construction. It stands 28 metres high, pedestal & figure. 
I can tell you when you are stood in front of it it is totally awe inspiring.
I took this photo whilst kneeling, to show respect for this religious site. 
I realise that might seem silly to some but I have always believed in showing respect for beliefs and traditions when visiting a foreign country. 
We were also extremely lucky to have gotten a photo of this beautiful Japanese resident
A member of the swallowtail family, this butterfly was approximately 6 inches long (including the tails) with a wing span of approx 9 inches. The photo is a little blurry because these butterflies do not hold still. The flower it's sitting on is about 8ft high. 
As you are leaving the Nokogiri-yama you pass several shrines, this is a pray shrine. On the left of the photo you can see all the prayers that people have written.
I'm afraid I'm not going to show any more images of this majestic place. Photo's can never tell the true power of this great mountain, only a visit can do that.

I will be back soon to share a few more things we saw and learned whilst we were in Japan and hopefully they will help you when you go...

Back soon
Buffy xx

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