Thursday, 31 August 2017

Woohoo Japan

Well we safely got here. A little bit of a bumpy landing (not to mention the cross wind that skidded us sideways) but I'm an adrenalin junky, so all good ;-)

The in-flight food was fabulous, we had a choice of teriyaki chicken or vegetarian pasta. The chicken totally delicious. BA definitely got that right.
I have also now seen, Moana, Table 19, Ghost in the Shell and Guardian of the Galaxy 2.

Everything is cute, seriously! Advertising posters, shop signs, buses, I think we will be suffering from cute overload before we leave....
These the local baseball teams mascots, this is literally round the corner from our hotel. Aren't they adorable.
We did help a not so cute creature today,
this little chap was being attacked by crows. Yes it's a Cicada. They are very loud for such small bugs.

Well it's getting late here so I'm off to bed.
Back soon with more

Buffy xx


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