Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Wishes for a friend

My fellow lab rat, who I work with Martin, finally received an invitation for an interview....woohoo.
Although he seemed excited for most of the day, his nerves started to show. So to try and reassure and encourage him, I made him this little card and wrote him a little verse

verse inside;

"when they meet you,
I'm sure they'll know,
that the other candidates,
have to go!"

I hope it makes him feel better. I'm sure they will give him the job!

A little note for my dear friend Debs (Debsgems), when Mawgan and I do find time to get up to see you I promise to bring the cute stamp set with me. Then we can have lots of stamping fun!

Buffy x


Linda said...

Buffy thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. much appreciated. I just love the card you have made for your husband and the verse is so apt. I do hope he takes heed of it!! xxx

Buffy said...

No, not my husband, my fellow lab rat as in lab technician

Debgem said...

I think this is fab!! I'm sure that Martin must have laughed - good luck to him!!

And Kathryn and I would love to see you!

Wishcraft said...

Great card - love the verse! I'm sure it will have helped to settle his nerves :o) Lisa x

Debgem said...

Jonathan will have his camera as hand luggage!! Keep an eye on his Flickr account - pictures will be posted there!!

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