Tuesday, 5 December 2017

In the 5th Advent Window

Hope everyone has had a great day, are you ready for todays sing along? There's a bit of a twist....

In the 5th Advent window
My calendar gave to me
The die that sholuld be sitting behind this little window is rattling around somewhere inside, I am devastated. Now I have to wait till I either find it in another window OR WORSE I'll have to wait till christmas day to rip it apart.

Now I know some of you are probably think "Just open it and find it ya daft bat" but NO! I will not cheat and peak at others just to find this one now. I shall steal my resolve and patiently wait....I can do this!!!!  I shall look forward to making something.

I do have some fabulous news to share with you all.
We nearly have a living room wall again 😁. They are hoping to get the wall plastered before christmas. (although I think it's far to young for that) As you can imagine we are delighted that the builders our insurance sent out have done so well.
We probably won't have a window till the new year but at least they are doing their best with everything else.

I'm sorry for not having a new project to share with you today but at least we have 20 days left.

Aaaaarrrrrgghhhh!!!!! Only 20 days......oh no....so much wrapping and so little time.....😢

See you tomorrow
Hugs and happy thoughts
Buffy xx

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