Thursday, 23 November 2017

Weekend Turmoil

Our house got hit by a car in the early hours of Saturday morning. Yes I know that sounds a little incredible but it's true.

A huge bang, the house shook and I shot down the stairs to be greeted by this
 The green thing you can see under the car is a little conifer tree. This little tree saved our house from a much worse fate. The driver had run off by the time I got our front door open, he did appear a few minutes later to grab his keys out of the car before running of again.
A few of our neighbours were awoken by the bang and saw the young man run off, so we do have witnesses. The police found an open beer bottle in the front of the car.
And the living room looked like this
I am happy to say my family was unhurt, including our pet hamster who's cage is very close to this whole mess. The TV just clipped the corner of his cage when it fell. 

The police rang the emergency structural engineer whilst they took the car away. The engineer was super, he had a team of workmen at our house within hours. (I didn't know that the councils workforce came out to private properties)
They checked for gas and water leaks, unfortunately when the radiator fell it twisted a pipe that was still buried in the wall.This bit of pipe was seeping into the wall and was only discovered after the plumber had to rip out some more plaster.
The amusing part was when the plumber turned to us and apologised because he was going to have to knock out some plaster. My husband and I looked at each other then at the big hole in the wall, it was at this point the plumber said "yeah, you're probably not to worried about a tiny bit of plaster"
This helped lift the mood at that point.
He was unable to get our heating or hot water working again and handed us a small fan heater. It was the first of several good gestures we received that day.
You can see here how the drive damaged his sump as he mounted the kerb and ploughed across our front garden, emptying his sump as he went. The police said he must have been doing some speed to actually break the conifer and hit the house.

Our next door neighbours house was also damaged in the collision. 
It might be difficult to see but there are cracks heading toward their front window as well as the larger cracks that are hard to miss.

Anyway a few hours after this whole ordeal started we had a living room that looked like this thank to the emergency workmen.
Several neighbours who past by offered us hot drinks and for us to pop round to warm up if we needed to. 
It is things like this that remind us there is good in the world still.
I am now hoping Santa will bring me a new front wall for Christmas. I'm not worried about it looking pretty right now, just a proper wall.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Sally, who I work with, for making me laugh with her sarcastic wit on such a manic morning. Big hug at you xx

Always remember we're British, so chin up, kettle on and get on with it. 

Although getting on with it has been a little hap sorry about the winners & top 3 post being late.

Smile and keep crafting
Hugs to all
Buffy xx

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Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Buffy what a tale!! Call in DIY SOS! This is right up their alley!! How wonderful that you had such support so quickly from the council and how brilliant that your friends and neighbours rallied round the way they did. You totally don't need to give the Top 3 a second thought. Glad you were all okay and no one was hurt. Poor wee hamster, amazing he didn't die of fright! Glad you're okay and hoping Santa delivers that new front wall! Big hugs, Wends xoxo

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