Thursday, 12 January 2017

Mono Mayhem

Good evening
I am so tired right now it beyond belief. But a womans work is never done......
Especially when you have a very interesting 15yr old who's big on amine and dressing up.

Yes I did say a 15yr old who likes dressing up, you weren't imagining things. My youngest daughter's current costume of choice is to dress-up as Monokuma..........yeah if she hadn't show me an episode I'd be scratching my head too.
This charming little fellow is Monokuma, he's truly lovely..........isn't he?!?
He is in charge of a private school where students are expected to take-out their fellow students without being detected..............No I think it's weird too but hey ho, it's amine.

She presented me with a white and black vest top, the only demand was "Please get it the right way round, Pleeaassseee"
So from this:
To this:
Not my greatest costume triumph but thankfully my easiest.

I guess it's her prom dress next......

Did I mention she's doing her make-up to look like him too? Yeeeeaaaaaaah.......

Now all I need is some greek god to bath me and feed me grapes then masage my feet and tell me I'm a goddess..............

What....we all have to dream😇
Back soon
Buffy xx

1 comment:

Ginny said...

did a better job than me, I have a brand new sewing machine I got a couple months ago still sitting in the box, lol. Good job mumma :)

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