Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Cute card before the New Year

well the British weather has done it again.
Large areas of the north are flooded and the weather prediction isn't looking promising for these poor people.
Why is the flooding getting worse year on year.....flood defences of course. When you block up rivers to stop them flooding one area you only push the problem further upstream.
One day someone in charge will finally realise this......but I won't hold my breath!
Well that's my gripe out of the way, now on to more pleasant topics.

I have made a card for my dear friend who I haven't seen in a long time. It is based on the cute card thursday challenge

Intertwining the hexagon with the floral flourish die was possibly the hardest part of creating this card. Although making the frame for the honeycomb section wasn't easy, I terrible at lining up my dies to create thin frames. But I don't think I did too bad.

The insert had to have a few bees too. The group of bees were 2nd press to give them that muted appearance.
I really love my WMS-Lil Buddies stamp set.

(maybe one day I'll find the courage to send Claire the designs I create for an accessory set for the Little Hero's/Heroines)

   My Resolution for 2016, in fact the only resolution I am going to make, is to create/design more. Whether that is cards, crochet patterns, recipes or getting more funky with my photography. I'm going to make it my new year goal!
To start off on the right road I have treated myself to a new design book and gone slightly OTT with the cover

 All ideas, creations, design plans and creative projects will go in here. Hopefully this time next year it will either be bursting at the seems or it will have been so full I'll have had to buy another one.

Off to make my brother-in-law and one of my workmates birthday cards. Although it isn't 2016 just yet I will include them in my new design book.

Back soon
Buffy x

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