Friday, 23 August 2013

Where's August gone

Can it really be the end of August in just a few short days???
Goodness, where has this year gone?

Well it's been a rather good year when alls said and done.
Graham and I have been finding quality time together.

Mawgan kindly took this photo of us together whilst we watched the truck racing.. We don't actually have many of the two of us together. Something we are definitely going to have to change.

 It is almost liberating to get to spend time doing activities we can enjoy together. This is one of the many micro/nano geo-caches around Derby. We will soon be releasing our own travel bug out into the big world. (Travel bug - a small trackable item, similar to a dogtag, that is placed in a cache and is collected and relocated by another geo-cacher)

Anne and Connor celebrated their first wedding anniversary the other day.

 So nice to see them still agruing over pokemon/digimon......
Only joking, it's transformers now ;-)

Mawgan has finished her first year at senior school and been to France with school. She seemed to fit in very well.
She appeared on stage with the Drifters (right side of photo at the front of the group right by the mic).

Now all I need to do is make a start on my xmas cards............

Buffy xx

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