Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Xmas, Happyings and Spitfires

Hello my dears

I have been crafting and photographing.
My xmas cards are finally coming along quite nicely. I have gone for an unusual colour pallet this year - Smokey Slate, Riding Hood Red, Basic grey and Cream. I based my colour choice on some wonderful ribbon I found at our local haberdashers.

And here is a little teaser: what could this be leading too?!?

Do you remember my lovely "HAPPYINGS" jar?
Well I complete forgot to share my updated jar design with you.......DOH!
So here it is -

A very happy "Happyings" jar
I have to say I am quite looking forward to sharing some of my Happying with you all. It's quite full

Graham and I were out on one of our geocaching adventures around EM Airport when we heard a rather strange noise. After a few minutes we realised what it was......a magnificent spitfire.
Rolls Royce store one of the last surviving Spitfires right on their doorstep. We were just fortunate enough to be stood close to the airport fence when it came out onto the runway. It was coming in to land as I caught this photo.

What else have I been up to??

How about this little fellow
Kindly modelled by my loving hubby
I crocheted this tiny cheeky chap purely to see how small I could manage. Using a 1.25mm hook and fine mercerised crochet thread. My minnion (micro minnion) stands 2cm tall. I plan to convert him into a badge.

Well, I shall be back soon with another xmas card sneak peak and more crochet madness

Buffy x


Mona Pendleton said...

What great projects and photos Buffy! Your teensy weensy Minion looks darling!

Lesley said...

Hi not seen you for ages - hope you are well - now about Geocaching - Joe and I have talked about doing one but not yet embarked on it although Joe has researched it - was it good fun? Looking forward to seeing your Christmas cards - your ribbon looks amazing - best wishes Lesley x

Anonymous said...

Your tiny minion is so cute!!!!!!!!!!

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