Sunday, 10 July 2016

Doncaster Craft Show

After a rather uncomfortable car trip (need to rethink the design of my cushion) Heather and I arrived at Doncaster.
We were extremely lucky because as we stood in the que for workshops they shouted out for people who wanted the Parchment Lace workshop, which was just about to start.
So we had a go, the ball-tool bit was great but trying to do that pique cut thingy, aaarrrgh!!
We had a little wonder round a few stalls, grabbed some lunch and then manages to get onto an Air-dry clay workshop. Now this was BRILLIANT!!! We made a small bunch of flowers.
When I got home I found a tiny plant pot to put then in.
I think they go perfectly in the pot.

I was exceptionally well behaved and kept my spending to an absolute minimum, WooHoo! 
I did pick up a few very nice thing which will feature in projects very soon.

Off to take my painkillers and get some sleep
Buffy xx

1 comment:

Lesley said...

Glad you enjoyed Doncaster - I like to go to this one if I'm around!! Your air dry flowers look perfect in your pot. It sounds like a good class to do . . . . . Lesley x

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