Monday, 4 April 2016

Leaving school

Good evening,

my youngest asked me to make a leaving card for one of her teachers. She felt it was a little unfair that a female teacher who was also leaving got a big fuss in the morning assembly but he didn't even get a mention. So I made him this
 A nice simple clean card with a couple of shiny stars. Of course it also had to have a chalkboard and luckily I had a chalk pen handy.

Of course the insert had to have a bit of a pun.

My daughter and her ffriends had a whip round and bought him a little leaving pressie too.
It's very nice to know she has a sense of fairness.
Back soon
Buffy x


Mona Pendleton said...

Super cute card Buffy! I'm sure the teacher will treasure this! So thoughtful of the both of you!

Lesley said...

fab card I bet the teacher really appriecated the card and present - Lesley x

Deborah Frings said...

Super cute card - dreadful pun! But such a lovely idea! xx

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