Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Day at Doncaster

What a wonderful way to spend a few hours on a damp and dreary summers day. I shall apologies now for the poor photography and lack of more photo's, I took our ancient digital camera (poor quality pics) and was sooo busy admiring and gathering inspiration (lack of photos). But the few I have taken I will gladly share.

Doncaster was quite amazing, the stall were beautifully decorated with examples of what you could achieve with their product.

Here are some stunning creations from the Lavina Stamps stall
I adore these wonderfully magical images, I always feel that charming sense that fairy tales are still worth believing in when I see such lovely creations.
And of course I have been after one of these stamps for quite some time, and here she is

of course the little dragon told me he desperately needed to come home with me as well, I couldn't possibly leave him there when he asked so nicely. He then informed me that he loved mushrooms, so of course I had to get him some...........  (this is the excuse I tell myself)
But the fairy was the stamp I had been longer for. Soon I will reveal what her and I have been up to.

Little Claire Designs stall was also adorable, with some delightful examples of cards, here is a little one for you:

This is sooo sweet, it's simple and understated, yet it demands your attention. I think it is lovely because it is ageless, young or old would be happy to receive this charming quad-easel.

Lili of the Valley had a fabulous display, I was very impressed by the way they displayed a card on the back of each basket of stamps. I'm afraid I didn't get a photo of their stall (mores the pity) BUT their multi buy offer was a little to hard to resist and I just had to grab these
I love the bride and groom stamp, but was so delighted to see some masculine stamps. I know they are still in the cute category (I am trying to stay away from cute) but the bear with a pint.....well, what can I say............18 to 80 enough said!
As I said earlier, I will be putting my new creations up soon.

My daughter was totally ecstatic to see Stephanie Weightman painting her roses, we had quite a bit of trouble to drag her away. But I can safely say it is far more impressive watching Stephanie in real life than on the t.v.

The small person in the green sarcasm t-shirt is my adorable 10 yr old. She desperately wanted to ask Stephanie if she could have a try, but she just couldn't get up the courage. If you look closely you can also see Nigel May in the background. Mawgan also wanted a photo with him but the que was horrific.

These are just a couple of the beautiful roses Stephanie painted during her demonstrations.

I'm sorry for not having more to share with you all, at least I now know to take MY camera next time I attend a craft-fair.

I also have to say a HUGE HUGE     "THANK YOU!!!!"     to my husband Graham, for coming with me, I know how much he hates crowded places like this. I didn't make him suffer to much (I deposited him in the food court and ran around as fast as I could).

I will be back very soon with some of my card creations made with my new acquisitions.

Buffy x


Debgem said...

Buffy - it looks like you and Mawgan had a brilliant time - wish I could have been there!! Maybe we should try and schedule a trip to a crafty show - leaving the kids and hubbies at home :)

samantha-reed said...

I fell in love with the Lavinia stall and treated myself to a fairy stamp and some glitter :)

The clarity stamp stall broke me and took most of my money out of my purse.

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