Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Craft Room.....WooHoo

I have a craft room.......Wooooohooo!!
Now I know it doesn't look like much, some of you have spare bedrooms for crafting, but this is huge as far as I'm concerned.

I still have to put up my little shelf unit which will sit where my purple craft trolley is and then I can move the rest of my gear up there.

I've been doing a little bit of study into structural integrity and think I've found a way to open up this space by a tiny bit. It just a case of weight redistribution. I'm pretty good at joinery so it shouldn't be too hard, the hard part will be convincing the husband that I've gotten all my figures correct.......not an easy task

Off to play

Buffy xx


Debgem said...

Buffy - your "craft room" is super - well done!

Buffy said...

Thank you, I'm just so excited..heehee

Tracey said...

congratulations on getting a craft room, good luck with all the organisation of it. Hope to see you soon Tracey x

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